What is Spread? The place where investors do business under government control for the purpose of buying, selling and exchanging is called the Stock Exchange. Spread , on the other hand, is the difference between the buying and selling price of a product in the stock market. Spread is expressed as Pip (Price Interent Point -means “percent to […]


What is Cryptocurrency? Cryptocurrency, which has been on the agenda recently, heard by almost everyone and deeply affecting the markets , is a currency that is encrypted in order to secure the transactions, can be used in exchange and exchange transactions, and maintains its existence in a completely virtual and digital environment. Crypto money , which is believed […]

Index CFD

What is Index CFD? ENDEKS CFD , which means “Contracts for Difference” in Turkish ; They are contracts that enable the ability to invest in non-physical (digital and virtual environments) assets such as stocks, bonds, commodities, and to buy and sell price expectations. In other words, CFD is to make an agreement with the investor and profit or […]


What are Stocks? Stocks are the first investment tools most preferred by people, companies and institutions dealing with investment transactions in the stock market. The documents used by capital companies to determine their partnerships are called stocks. In other words, it is also seen as one of the equivalent rights of a company’s principal. These promissory notes also […]


What is Commodity? There are thousands of different markets that trade around the world. With commodities , you can buy and sell products such as wheat, copper, coffee and oil. The commodity market , which dates back thousands of years, has existed on the Silk and Spice roads in our country for a thousand years. Commodities have been used for […]


What is Forex? Forex is used as an abbreviation for “Foreign Exchange”. Its Turkish meaning has been adapted as ” International Foreign Exchange Market ”. Thanks to Forex, banks can perform foreign exchange transactions much faster and more conveniently. Forex is a market established for this purpose. The Forex Market , which has become increasingly important worldwide since the 1970s, has become the […]