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40% Crypto Special Welcome Bonus

Crypto Special Bonus for those who invest with crypto at idealFX!
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Crypto Special Bonus for those who invest with crypto at idealFX!


Campaign Rules

1. Members who will invest for the first time can benefit from this promotion.

2. In order to benefit from this promotion, the investor must invest with BITCOIN(BTC), LITECOIN(LTC) or ETHEREUM(ETH).

3. The amount of bonus earned is reinforced to increase your margin level, it cannot be withdrawn. However, the winnings made by using the bonus can be withdrawn.

4. To participate in the promotion, it is sufficient to contact the live support line or your customer representative specially assigned to you.

5. Bonus validity period is 45 working days.

6. This promotion is valid for those over the age of 18.

7. When the investor makes a withdrawal request, the bonus is deleted from his account.

8. Idealfx has the right to change or cancel this promotion. It is the investor’s own responsibility to follow the current rules of any promotion.

9. The maximum bonus that can be received from this promotion is 4000 USD.

10. This promotion cannot be combined with another promotion. (For example, an investor who receives a 30% welcome bonus cannot benefit from this promotion.)

11. IdealFX has the right to cancel this promotion if it is detected that your account is managed by a different person (it is strictly prohibited in our portfolio management company), different cid codes and multiple IPs are used to log in to the platform.


30% Welcome Bonus

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