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Loss Return Bonus

There are always special promotions at idealFX that will allow you to earn more!
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There are always special promotions at idealFX that will allow you to earn more!

Loss Return Bonus

Campaign Rules

1. This promotion is valid for investors with a minimum investment of 2500 USD or more.

2. In order for the investor to apply for a refund, he must have closed at least 50 lots for Forex Gold, Silver and Petroleum products within 2 months. Transactions made with CFD products will not be considered valid in this lot calculation.

3. In order for the transactions to be counted within the scope of the campaign, the 2-minute time limit (the position must be open for at least 2 minutes) must be complied with.

4. The investor can request a maximum of 1000 USD for a one-time loss refund within 2 months following the first investment.

5. If the investor detects malicious use, the campaign may be terminated by Idealfx.

6. If it is determined that third parties act on your behalf, your campaign application will be deemed invalid.

7. Participation in the campaign will be valid for those over the age of 18.

8. When your balance goes to – (negative), if you do not have any open positions, the account is reset by the authorized department.

9. Each investor can benefit from this campaign only once.

10. This offer is valid for all account types.

11. If the investor requests a withdrawal before completing the required lot volume, the campaign will be cancelled.

12. Idealfx reserves the right to change the rules of this promotion or cancel the promotion altogether. It is the investor’s own responsibility to follow and comply with the current rules of any promotion.

13. This promotion cannot be combined with another promotion. (For example, an investor who receives a 30% welcome bonus cannot benefit from this promotion.)

14. IdealFX has the right to cancel this promotion if it is detected that your account is managed by a different person (it is strictly prohibited in our portfolio management company), different cid codes and multiple IPs are used.


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