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Buying a share of a company makes you a partner of that company.
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Buying a share of a company makes you a partner of that company.

What are Stocks?

Stocks are the first investment tools most preferred by people, companies and institutions dealing with investment transactions in the stock market. The documents used by capital companies to determine their partnerships are called stocks.

In other words, it is also seen as one of the equivalent rights of a company’s principal. These promissory notes also represent a rightful ownership or partnership. Stocks do not guarantee investors and will never generate regular income.

The audit of the issued bills is carried out by the Capital Markets Board and it is obligatory to get permission from this institution. Stocks are at the forefront of investment and are often preferred. For this reason, it must be said that it is really important for investors.

Things to Know About Stocks

Before investing, you need to know everything about stocks . Otherwise, you can make investments that will incur losses.

We have compiled a list of stocks and the elements that need to be known for you;

  • There is no minimum and maximum rate to invest, rates are always variable.
  • You should know the reasons and rates of change in stock prices.
  • Speculative stocks bring high returns but are also high risk stocks.
  • You must enter the stock market with investment experience.
  • The sector you have chosen should be the sector that you have previously thought about and you can comment on, and you should buy stocks accordingly.
  • Stocks can be easily converted into cash, that is, they are a liquid investment vehicle.

How to Sell Stocks in the Stock Exchange?

Stocks that experience sudden fluctuations in the market and may cause losses should be analyzed and sold. There are two types of prices in stocks: bottom and top.

Prices that reach the peak tend to fall as they may break at the resistance point. However, this does not mean that a sector or company loses value. As a result of a detailed graphic analysis , top and bottom prices for stocks can be predicted.

Stock Sites

Due to the stock market and stock transactions that are developing day by day, there are thousands of domestic and foreign stock sites today. Thanks to stock sites, you can have an idea about stocks before investing. If you are a professional investor, you can use it to confirm your predictions.

But it is mostly used by beginners. With the secure environment provided by IDEALFX , you can follow your stock transactions and investments without any problems.


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